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Laundry Pricing

There are no contracts with our laundry service. You just tell us when to pickup your clothes and we’ll be there. It’s that simple! You can schedule pickups online at any time. Those who opt-in to weekly laundry pickups will save 10¢ per pound on wash and fold service.

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Large household and bedding items will be removed before weighing and billed on a per-piece basis.
For a complete list of separately charged items, click here.
There is a minimum pickup fee of $25.00

Bulk Items

Large Bedding Items

  • Bedspread, Sheets, Pillow Cases (per lb)
  • Comforter : $25.00
  • Blanket: $10.00
  • Pillow: $5.00

Household Items

  • Tablecloth: $10.00
  • Large Rug: $10.00
  • Small Rug: $3.00
  • Bath Rug: $3.00

Pressed Items

  • Men’s Sport Coat: $10.00
  • Men’s Dress Shirt: $5.00
  • Men’s Pants: $5.00
  • Women’s Blouse: $5.00
  • Women’s Pants/Skirt: $5.00
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